Student Support

The students at BST are all unique and have very different ways of learning and engaging in school life. At times this can lead to challenges for students and their families.

School counselor and Additional Education Needs

British School of Tirana’s school counsellor aims to provide a broad range of services to the school and Nursery School community for the guidance and support they need to lead healthy, fulfilling, productive and responsible lives.
Our counselling service contributes to the development of a comprehensive student support and wellbeing program that is responsive to the needs of our school community. The support offered includes providing advice and counselling on educational, behavioural, vocational, personal, social, family, and mental health and other wellbeing issues.


Common issues that are attended to in counselling include:

  • School: organisation, goal setting, time management, study schedules, focus, absences
  • Personal: self esteem, unmanageable stress and anxiety, relationship/friendship issues, low mood, sleep/health concerns, crisis, grief.
  • Building resilience: strength coaching, mindfulness, growth mindset.



We offer an environment of understanding, support, encouragement and challenge as we assist students to achieve their educational, personal and vocational goals. Our counselling services are available to all members of the school community, especially at risk students, students with additional needs and their families.


ESL (English as a Second Language)
​We are inclusive to all students and understand that new students will be coming with different levels of fluency in English. To ensure that all students are comfortable and given the opportunity to be as successful as possible, we offer ESL support to students who need it via our ESL coordinator. This can take the form of additional classes of students group or other ESL strategies.