At the British School of Tirana, we believe in the importance of a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet for all our pupils. Good diet improves children’s concentration, mood and academic performance. Encouraging healthy eating habits within school teaches children how to make positive food choices, which they will continue throughout their lives.


Pupils have plenty of time to choose their lunch and eat in an enjoyable and relaxed manner. Staff are on hand to assist with cutting food, however much importance is placed on good table manners and the correct use of their cutlery.


99% of all food eaten at British School of Tirana is cooked from scratch, from fresh raw ingredients, on the premises every day. All our raw meat is sourced from local suppliers who adhere to guidelines on food security. Our children are not served any processed food.

Pupils can choose from a full range of hot food served every day. Our menus are a combination of good old fashioned dishes and newer foreign inspired dishes such as jerk chicken with rice and peas, or chicken and noodles. A monthly menu is sent to all parents for information and feedback on how to improve.


Each day there is a choice including:

  • Meat and non-meat dishes
  • Pasta with a choice of sauces
  • Fresh vegetables are served daily as a salad option.
  • Whole and cut fresh fruit is served at snack time to all children in Primary and Early Years and again alongside dessert every day often accompanied with yoghurt.


All food items can be mixed and matched, and we always encourage children to try a little of something new every day.


Special Dietary Needs
We are able to support a wide range of dietary requirements, including intolerance and allergies.