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Quick Facts

Founded: BST started in 2016 as an Early Years setting and developed quickly to a Primary, Secondary and A-Level school. BST is the first and the only fully accredited British Style educational institution in Albania inspected regularly by British inspectors.


A truly international school: Over 300 students, ages ranging from 1 year old in Early Years to 18 years old in A-level (gjimnaz) come from Albania but also from more than 15 other countries. The diversity of our students and teachers enriches our community with more languages and culture from around the world.


Curriculum: The National Curriculum of England and Wales is the only curriculum taught in school as licensed by the Albanian Council of Ministers decree No 484 date 31.07.2018 (The Early Years was licensed in 2016). IGCSE as end of Secondary education qualification is offered and approved by international examination bodies such as Cambridge and Edexcel.


Faculty: 22 teachers aided by 13 administrative specialists and support staff.


Class size: Average 18 students, maximum of 22 students per class.


Counseling: a Counselor in the Early Years, Primary and Secondary School support children and older students with their social and emotional needs.


Extracurricular Programme: Competitive and social sports, dance, drama, vocal and instrumental music, Student Council, mathematics teams, homework club, science clubs, crafts, etc.


School media: Weekly School Blog, School Calendar, Monthly Overview, Weekly Progress Report, BST handbook, Facebook and Instagram.