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Let us extend a very warm welcome to our school.


You will find that BST is a community focused school where the successes of our students are built not just around the high academic standards our children reach, but also around the opportunities that they have inside and outside of the classroom, whether they are academically gifted, a keen sports person or whether they have artistic flair or performing talent.


The opportunities created at BST are the result of our highly qualified and inspired teachers and coaches and the support that our parents give to our staff and their children on a daily basis. You will often hear us say that the greatest asset of BST is the community body that has come together to ensure our success.


BST has been on an incredible journey over the past few years, and we have seen many changes and significant expansion, both in terms of student number and also physical resources. With these changes have come significant improvements to our facilities throughout the school, and even now we are making further improvements to the school and planning out the next five years of growth and improvement, including the launch of the final 2 years of pre-university level. In spite of all these changes, examination results and outcomes for students at all levels continue to be excellent.


Whether you are an existing member of the BST community, a potential teacher or are a prospective parent or student deciding on where best to enroll, we welcome you to browse through our website and see everything that we have to offer. Of course a website can only give you a glimpse into our programmes. There is so much more to experience so come and visit and see it for yourself!


Best Wishes BST