Frequently Asked Questions

What do students receiving as a leaving certificate or diploma equivalent?

IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is offered to students in the final 2 years (Year 10 and Year 11). This is an internationally recognised qualification offered by independent examination bodies such as Cambridge and Edexcel. Students at BST are offered nine iGCSEs (Maths, English as a Second Language, English Literature, Double Science, Geography, Digital Literacy, Global Perspectives, Art, Physical Education). Albanian students are also offered the opportunity to seat the official examinations of Albania called Provimet e Arsimit Baze, at the end of Year 10 (Klasa e 9-te).

My child does not speak English fluently, is that a problem?

Not at all. English is the language of our school, but many of our students enter school without fluency in English. Therefore, we are quite familiar with language support issues and draw upon our experience in helping students quickly acquire English-language skills. Our English as a Second Language (ESL) Programme equips students to a level where they can participate in regular classes as quickly as possible. Further support will then be given in the classroom.


Students who enter BST will be assessed for their ability to speak English. If necessary, they will then enter the ESL Programme to support their language needs.

How is Albanian taught?

​Albanian language teaching is compulsory from Year 1 to Year 11. It is a core subject taught in school for a minimum of 5 lessons in one week. Additional sessions are offered if needed and non-Albanian nationals are offered Please check the Curriculum policy and the class timetables for further information on the weekly sessions of Albania language lessons offered at each level.

What languages are offered in addition to English and Albanian?

In addition to Albanian and English classes, we’re proud to offer weekly courses in a child’s choice of German or French. For parents with an interest in having a more intensive approach, additional after-school courses are offered in foreign languages.

For the latest programme of after-school clubs please click here.

How do I pay school fees?

​School fees’ Payment Schedule is agreed with school upon enrollment. All fees are paid into the school bank account. For more details on this please contact the school at [email protected]