Parents are kept informed on children’s progress through a variety of methods including the online platforms called Tapestry for the Early Years and Seesaw for school students, both are online platforms by registration that offer updates on children progress as per all areas of the English National Curriculum including photo illustration and comments/ feedback from teachers and notification on homework. Parent Evenings are held termly, in autumn and spring for all year groups. A parent conference is organised very early after the new school year starts so all the necessary information is given put to parents. Additional meetings with teachers or other school representatives are organised as needed and by appointment.

Each year group receives 4 written reports during the course of the academic year following 4 assessment organised on termly bases. These record attainment as well as attitude to learning and identify next step targets.


There is very little homework in primary school and it is mainly reading books at home, either from the Library or from the online platform that support English learning. Parents are also kept informed of the learning objectives on monthly basis and additional tasks are sent to them via the online communication and management system (Seesaw) of the school to support children at home with the most challenging tasks or project work.